Taking part

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Unfortunately, there are no more places available for »Türmer München« – the Munich Vigil – until the end of the project.

How do I become a »Türmer«?

Anyone aged 16 or older who is free from vertigo and sure-footed can be a Türmer: Just choose a date in our calendar on this page, click on it and enter your name and contact details. Before you sign up in our calendar, please read this page carefully and keep in mind that you can only participate once.

When you have registered, you will receive a confirmation by email with your date and all important information about your participation and about the events you have to attend.

The times on the calendar are the starting times of your hour in the Shelter. In the morning it begins exactly at sunrise, in the evening exactly one hour before sunset. Please make sure that you meet up with your Companion 30 minutes before your Vigil. They will take you to the Shelter and look after you. After your Vigil, allow 20 to 30 minutes to have your photo taken on the roof of the Gasteig and to record your thoughts and feelings.

What events apart from my hour as a Türmer await me?

With your participation in »The Munich Vigil«, you agree to take part in an approximately one-hour long workshop with about 25 other participants. Dancers and choreographers trained by Joanne Leighton will introduce the concept of the performance and show you exercises for holding your physical and mental presence. These exercises are designed to prepare you to remain focussed for an hour in one place – the Shelter – and mindfully perceive your own body, thoughts and feelings as well as your surroundings. Organisational matters will also be clarified in this workshop, which you must attend in order to participate.

Furthermore, with your participation you agree to spend the hour of your Vigil alone in the Shelter and without any means of communication or watch, and to be photographed and to record your impressions immediately afterwards. You agree for your photo together with your name and your memories to be published in the blog on this website and in other media channels, as well as in the Vigil Book, containing the »traces« of all Vigils at the end of the project.

Each Türmer should also take the opportunity to come to one of the Sharing Events that take place every three months, in which all previous project participants will meet. Performances and plenty of opportunity for exchanging your experiences await you here, as well as the chance to meet Joanne Leighton in person. The project lives from the exchange of participants’ experiences – don’t miss it!

The Vigil year will begin with a festive Opening Ceremony on 12.12.2020 and end with a Closing Ceremony on 12.12.2021, each with live performances. Come by and find out more!

What can I expect on my Vigil?

Half an hour before your Vigil begins, you will meet with your Companion, who will take you to the Shelter, show you around, look after your belongings and make sure that you feel comfortable and that everything goes as planned. He/she is your contact person on site – before, during and after your Vigil. At the end of the hour, he/she will take a photo of you and take you to a nearby room where you can record your impressions.

OK, I want to take part! Where do I start?

Choose your preferred date now and enter your name in the calendar! Here are a few thoughts by Joanne Leighton to help you choose a date and time: »Are you a morning or an evening person? Do you want to celebrate your birthday, the birth of a child or your wedding anniversary in a special way? Would you like to remember the day when you first moved to this city or returned after a long journey in a special way? Choose a date and a time that have a special meaning for you and find your own personal reason to hold your Vigil.«


Does »The Munich Vigil« have disabled access?

The Shelter does not have disabled access. A lift is available only up to the 4th floor. From there, a staircase with 26 steps and a narrow scaffold (about 50 cm wide) with 29 steps and a raised handrail (110 cm) located outside leads to the Shelter. Unfortunately, there is no access to the Shelter for wheelchair users and persons who need walking aids. We also cannot recommend participation in »The Munich Vigil« to people with vertigo or a fear of heights. Nevertheless, please contact us, so that we can search for an individual solution for you to take part, at +49 (0)89 480 98-808 (Mon to Wed from 11 AM to 3 PM) or via email at tuermer@gasteig.de.

How do I become a Companion?

As a Companion, you will have the opportunity of becoming more involved in the project and to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Gasteig. As a former Türmer, you are in an ideal position for this role and can give new Türmer the chance to be accompanied during their hour in the Shelter, just as you were accompanied. You have the responsible task of ensuring that their Vigil runs smoothly and that they feel safe and looked after. You are also the communicative and personal link between the Türmer and the »Türmer München« project as a whole.

You will meet at a designated meeting point in the Gasteig thirty minutes before the Vigil to give the Türmer enough time to get into the mood for their Vigil, take their belongings, such as hand bag, mobile phone, watch, etc. into safekeeping and accompany them to the Shelter on the roof of the Philharmonic Hall. You then wait in a nearby room and pick the participant up again after their Vigil, take a picture of them, give them time and space to express their thoughts and experiences and finally accompany them back to your original meeting point.

You are never alone in all this: Together with about 25 other Companions, you will always be in close contact with the Gasteig’s project team. We are open to your questions and would welcome your own initiatives arising from your exchange with other Companions that can make the Türmer year even more diverse.

Who can participate as a Companion?

  • You must be at least 18 years old, free from vertigo and sure-footed.
  • You must have already participated with a Vigil of your own.
  • You will take part in a briefing of about two hours, which will prepare you for your role and provide you with further, more in-depth information about the project.
  • You agree to accompany Türmer at sunrise and/or sunset for at least one week or on 7 separate days in the course of the Vigil year.
  • Each Vigil will require about two hours of your time.

What else do I need to know?

You will not be paid for being a Companion. Contact us and we will look for a date for your Vigil and you will receive a comprehensive briefing from us for your role as Companion: You accompany the Türmer, we accompany you!

As Companion, you are invited to the Closing Ceremonys as well as all quarterly Sharing Events for participants.

How do I register?

If you are interested, please write to us at tuermer@gasteig.de.
We will then contact you to clarify everything else.

Or call us at +49 (0)89 480 98-808.
You can reach us Mon to Wed from 11 AM to 3 PM.