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Yes, Vigils can be held in the Shelter on the roof of the Philharmonic Hall since March 8! We have made all necessary arrangements to ensure a safe Vigil in the Gasteig. Since you are alone in our Shelter and are brought there by only one Companion, you will not encounter many visitors. Keeping distance is possible at any time. You do not have to wear your mask in the Shelter. We will also inform you about our current hygiene measures with a personal e-mail, which you will receive when you register to take part. You will find more information also in our news section.

The Shelter does not have disabled access. A lift is available only up to the 4th floor. From there, a staircase with 26 steps and a narrow scaffold (about 50 cm wide) with 29 steps and a raised handrail (110 cm) located outside leads to the Shelter. Unfortunately, there is no access to the Shelter for wheelchair users and persons who need walking aids. We also cannot recommend participation in »The Munich Vigil« to people with vertigo or a fear of heights. Nevertheless, please contact us, so that we can search for an individual solution for you to take part, at +49 (0)89 480 98-808 (Mon to Wed from 11 AM to 3 PM) or via email at tuermer@gasteig.de.

Türmer München takes place directly at the Gasteig, in Rosenheimer Straße 5. How to reach the Gasteig? You can find information at the website of the Gasteig.

You will spend your hour-long Vigil in a Shelter – a wooden room with two large viewing windows –, which will be located on the roof of the Gasteig’s Philharmonic Hall from December 2020 to December 2021. Its viewing window faces southwest/west and overlooks the city. The Shelter is a temporary construction and is weatherproof, ventilated and heated. Already 30 minutes before your Vigil, you will meet your Companion, who will take you to the Shelter in good time. The Shelter is reached via a temporary staircase and has no disabled access (for further details, see »Does ›Türmer München‹ have disabled access?«). When you register for participation, you will be informed about the exact meeting point.

Half an hour before your Vigil begins, you will meet with your Companion, who will take you to the Shelter, show you around, look after your belongings and make sure that you feel comfortable and that everything goes as planned. He/she is your contact person on site – before, during and after your Vigil. You will also be informed in detail about what will happen during your Vigil when you register for participation. There will also be a mandatory workshop before your Vigil, where you will learn all you need to know about the project and your part in it. The workshop dates will be announced when you register.

After your Vigil, your Companion will take a photo of you. You will then be taken to a room near the Shelter, where you can reflect on your experience. A drink and a snack await you and you will have plenty of time to record your impressions. Your Vigil will be followed by a Sharing Event at a later date, where you will meet the other participants as well as Joanne Leighton herself. We will also let you know the date of this meeting when you register. You are also invited to the Closing Ceremony on 12 December 2021 that concludes the project. This is where all participants and their friends and relatives can meet.

If at all possible, you spend the Vigil standing and will be prepared for this in the workshop. For anyone who is unable to stand for this length of time, a seating accommodation is available.

No, not during your Vigil. Afterwards, your Companion will take a photo of you. At that time, you can also take your own picture if you like.

Your Companion is always close by while you are in the Shelter. There is an alarm button in the Shelter that you can press and which notifies your Companion. The door remains unlocked at all times.

No. You can do this before or afterwards, while recording your impressions.

Of course you can take someone with you to the Gasteig, but they must remain downstairs and are not allowed to come up to the roof of the Gasteig with you. This hour and your Vigil over Munich is yours alone.

No. Pets are not allowed in the Shelter, except for guide dogs, provided both owner and animal can safely reach it. For details, please contact us under tuermer@gasteig.de or Tel. +49 (0)89 480 98-808 (Mon to Wed from 11 AM to 3 PM) and also see »Does ›Türmer München‹ have disabled access?«.

No. However, a smart ventilation system ensures a pleasant room climate.

No, the door will be closed but will remain unlocked at all times.

No. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the Shelter and in the entire Gasteig.

Your Companion, who will also take you to the Shelter at the beginning of your Vigil, will pick you up again at the end of the hour. They will make sure that you can completely forget about time and everyday life and concentrate fully on yourself and the view.

Even if visibility is poor, your Vigil will take place in the Shelter, as you can still experience a special moment at sunrise or sunset. In case of extremely bad weather, your Vigil will take place near the Skybar on the 4th floor of the Gasteig.

Please dress according to the weather. Although the Shelter is glazed and heated in cold weather, it is still only a temporary structure. Also wear sturdy shoes without high heels.

In principle, 16 years is the minimum age for participation. If you absolutely want to take part nevertheless, then please contact us at tuermer@gasteig.de or call +49 (0)89 480 98-808 (Mon to Wed from 11 AM to 3 PM). We may be able to make an exception.

Unfortunately not. The Shelter can only be visited by participants during their Vigil.

Unfortunately, no. Your photograph and forename are an important part of the project.

Your question is not included here?

Then write to us at tuermer@gasteig.de or call us at +49 (0)89 480 98-808. You can reach us Mon to Wed from 11 AM to 3 PM.