Off We Go, Mark Two! Successful Türmer Marathon on the Roof of the Gasteig

For many Türmer, June meant off we go, mark two! In the initial months of the project, many people were forced by the coronavirus restrictions to stand vigil at home or at their choice of location in the city. In June, everyone affected was given the opportunity to repeat their hour’s vigil in the Shelter on the roof of the Gasteig. A total of 114 Vigils watched the sun rise for a second time on three successive weekends, each lasting from the first rays of the sun through until late in the night at 11:15 PM. Every day, 19 Vigils arrived one by one, each keen to experience the incomparable views from the Shelter and to breathe the air high above the Philharmonic Hall.

For the first time in the history of this project – which has been running for ten years already – the Türmer München Team worked with creator Joanne Leighton to develop this mini marathon format featuring artistic choreography that worked wonderfully with and for the city. Joanne Leighton and the team blended the concept of an unbroken chain of people with the ritual repetition and the performative aspect to add a whole new dimension to the project: a mini marathon running within the full one. This will continue until 12 December 2021, so make sure you stay with us and browse our blog so that you don’t miss any of the Vigils.

Once again, huge thanks go to the project’s unbelievably dedicated Companions, who have also played a significant part in this mini marathon, enabling all Vigils to enjoy a second brief break from reality. Come back soon if you would like to find out more about the Companions, as we will be sharing a portrait of them along with their very personal insights into the project.