Finally! The Shelter on the Gasteig Roof is Opening

Since sunrise on 8 March, the Vigils can finally look out over the city from the Philharmonic Hall’s roof!

»Thank you so much for the uniquely beautiful start to my 40th birthday,« writes Ralf Bacher after his vigil, which he began as the sun rose over the horizon at 6:41 this morning. Ralf Bacher is the first Vigil to spend his hour in the Shelter on the roof of the Philharmonic Hall. Designed by French architect Benjamin Tovo, the Shelter affords a spectacular view of the city. For a whole year, every day at sunrise and sunset, one of 730 participants will hold vigil over the city for one hour before posting their impressions on our Türmer blog. The creator of the Vigil project and its Munich edition »Türmer München«, artist Joanne Leighton, wants to engage Munich residents in a »choreography for the entire city«.

»Today, the first Vigils will be looking out over Munich from our Shelter. Until now, the participants found their own personal places for their vigil, and the project has worked wonderfully this way since December. But now we are delighted to finally be able to open the Shelter on the roof of the Gasteig for its intended purpose of providing a space for an hour of mindfulness in these unusual times,« says Gasteig Managing Director Max Wagner. Since the pandemic has prevented us from holding vigils in the Shelter since the project’s start on 12 December 2020, participants previously had to seek alternative locations for their vigils. They will, however, have the chance of catching up on this experience and enjoy the view from the roof of the Philharmonic Hall on an additional date. We will notify them about this by e-mail.

Participants in the Türmer project must adhere to strict distancing and hygiene regulations: on their way to and from the Shelter, their assigned Companion is the only person they will meet. The Preparatory Workshops and Sharing Events for participants will continue to take place virtually until further notice.

The dates for May to August have recently been allocated. The next opportunity to sign up, for dates from September to the end of the project on 12 December is 1 July 2021.

You can watch the news report  about Robert’s vigil hour and the project itself here in the BR mediathek (external link in German).

Here is a first impression of the sunrise as seen from the Gasteig’s roof on 8 March:

Ralf Bacher Aussicht