100 windows – 100 views

No sooner has January come to an end that the 100th Türmer München participant took her place at the gates: On 31 January at sunrise, 7:43 AM, Tine held her Vigil over the city. But why »at the gates«? Well, you can read for yourself in our Türmer blog:  Even if the Shelter on the roof of the Gasteig – the »tower« from which the Vigils hold watch over the city – is brightly lit during each vigil hour, it cannot be entered at the moment due to the coronavirus regulations. So instead, participants hold their Vigil from home or at a place of their own choosing within the city.

From home – sounds less exciting than the roof of the Gasteig’s Philharmonic Hall, right? But as just a brief look at our Türmer blog reveals, there’s always something to discover: The mundane backyard appears in a new light, gazing out at the familiar view through the window brings new insights and the previously familiar jogging route high above the tracks of a railway yard suddenly raises surprising questions. So while we don’t yet have 100 different views from the unchanging window of the Shelter, 100 different windows have forever shifted the Vigils’ perspective on their supposedly familiar surroundings. No two windows are alike, no two views the same – that’s what makes it so exciting, even in these challenging times. All the Vigils are now spread throughout the city, showing us its amazing diversity.

And what’s more, all those who have watched over the city to date will get the best of both worlds: As soon as this is possible again, they too will have the chance of visiting the Shelter. Want to participate? Then make a note of the registration date:

1 March 2021 from 10 AM!

From that time on, you’ll be able to register for your Vigil between 1 May and 30 August 2021 in our calendar. But be quick: During the last registration in October, all places were taken within less than 24 hours.

For those who have already held their Vigil: The first sharing event will take place on:

3 March 2021 from 6 PM!

This event presents a unique opportunity of getting to know each other as well as your Companions and the artist Joanne Leighton who created the Vigil/Türmer concept. Together, we will share your experiences and impressions.

You will soon receive an e-mail with further information about the event from your Türmer München team!

Here are a few personal words from Joanne Leighton about these unusual times:

»During this time of isolation, and in this world-wide crisis, the year-long Türmer München performance continues in the town of Munich, Germany. Each of the 730 participants hold watch over the city for an hour at sunrise and sunset. The Vigil performance has been running continuously since 2011: Belfort, followed by Laval, Rennes, Haguenau, Evreux in France, Freiburg in Germany, Dordrecht in Netherlands, Graz in Austria and today in Munich. 

The vigils still participate individually and together form a collective human chain, in a manifestation of community, humanity and resilience in these troubling times. And thanks to these ongoing Home-Vigils the performance has been able to move with the times and take on a new dimension, one that knows how to adapt, embracing our ever-changing world. From all these different viewpoints within the city we have yet another vision of the city of Munich, one made up of the windows of each individual Vigil from their own personal perspective.

In April 2020 in Graz, Austria, around 60 vigils have made their watch from their window too, during the first lockdown. But the chain has never been interrupted and that is the most important. Each Vigil lives his or her own experience, watching out of their window. Even though the view is familiar, they will see the city differently, and others know the Vigil is present, watching over us all.

I thank each and every one of the vigils and companions for continuing each day, at dawn and at dusk and I am looking forward to the upcoming sharing event with you on the 3rd of March. 

Each of you stands for us all.

Best wishes,
Joanne Leighton

Paris, January 2021


Further questions? Then write to us at tuermer@gasteig.de or call us at +49 89 48098808. You can reach us Mon to Fri from 11 AM to 3 PM.