15:22 Uhr I Colin Kulstad

»After spending so much time trapped inside a tiny Munich appartment, it’s so bizarre to detach from the screen and other technologies and take post as watch.
Admittedly, today was terrible outside; everyone was clutching to their jackets and umbrellas and not even shifting their gaze even the slightest upwards. I was a silent, invisible watch; snow pelting down in every direction that eventuellay turned to rain. The wind howling, the little hut shaling.
I followed the path I used to take behind St. Maximilians to Müllersches Volksbad to swim laps when I first moved to Munich from Canada in 2015. I hadn’t even intendet to come here, I just got a study spot here by accident. Years later, I am still living here.
All the tiny people bracing themselves against the elements; all the Christmas decorations pealing out from people’s windows.
The world was, is, and will continue to be a difficult place.
But all things considered, Munich ist out there, and there is new places, memories, and people waiting there, too.«


Kulstad Aussicht