07:40 Uhr I Joanne Leighton

»What a beautiful morning! What joy standing there in the Türmer Shelter at sunrise, the sky was pink and grey, and as the light shone out over the city landscape, different buildings reflecting the gold-red light, I would say that München glows… Standing there alone, seeing the Alps in the East and South West, one is captivated by the trees, the immense rivers of green meandering close and far, like a river of ancient knowledge, present long before us, and let’s hope long after us… I felt connected. Thank you to the wonderful Türmers and companions and Türmer trainers, thank you to the beautiful Gasteig team, without whom all this would not have been possible! Thoughts branch out to the other Vigils also standing and holding a presence at sunrise and sunset every day… The Hull Vigil (UK) and ‚Le Cycle des Veilleurs‘ (FR) watching over our cities, and each other….«

19.10.2021 Joanne Leighton Aussicht