20:10 Uhr | Md Yasir Umar

»My vigil hour was very special as it gave me a unique and one of the most memorable memories for the entire of my life. It was a mixed weather with busy showers or droplets with the sky full of clouds. My initial emotion started being an observer or an audience with the whole city performing for me. Not just the city. The birds, doing their evening chases returning to their home as the night approaches. Similarily, the crowd at the street started to be diminishing as the sky was dark. The feeling let me ponder over the similarities between the nature and all of its creatures. Everybody seems to be adapted in a way with the changes. Soon after I began to think and think and the entire perspective changed when I became a performer instead of an audience. I felt like I was being watched by someone. Someone from the heavens and so later I began talking and murmering recalling all my memorable events. I recently lost my grandfather, whom I didn’t have the chance to say final good-bye. I recalled my memories with him seeing the sunset. It reminded me of the harsh reality that sooner or later we all have to face the ultimate truth which is death. But before that we need to shine and enjoy the day just like the sun. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.«