05:32 Uhr I Kate Scholes

»As the years go by, our faces change, our bodies change. The hearts and skylines of our cities change too. From new footpaths, cycle paths and roads, to new buildings of all shapes and sizes, the city adapts to life around it. As people change, it must too. From mountains to windmills, church spines and cooling towers there’s so much to see in our city. And so many cranes! In the city centre on the outskirts, in the distance. Now, the cranes are part of our beautiful skyline. What will stand there when their work is done? For how long will the new buildings be part of the landscape? Will it be more beautiful? Time stands still on the clock towers at the Volksbad and the Deutsches Museum, but our city never sleeps.«

18.05.2021 Kate Scholes Aussicht