16:00 Uhr I Erika Leo

»In this hectic life, where watching clocks, using mobile phones and respecting time and deadlines are normal and daily habits, I realized just today how beautiful and precious it is to learn to say “stop” every now and then. I wanted to live this experience on the roof of my house in Italy, in a place where I grew up, but which I have never really observed for more than 10 minutes. Most of the first minutes of this new experience were difficult, because I spent them chasing away thoughts of “everyday life” and not thinking about my mobile phone. Then I relaxed and really tried to experience the emotions of that moment. I noticed how beautiful my country is from above. It was funny to watch the clouds go by in all their most bizarre shapes, and I was amazed about how much I tended in my head each time to create new imaginary stories. I had never noticed how much fun it was to see old women talking from one balcony to another and to listen to the men working on the construction site right below my house. It gave me a sense of peace on this dreary day, watching the grey clouds pass by and the sky turn into a completely white blanket, only to turn dark again as the min. passed. It was also a little sad to leave the silence of the streets with very few cars on the road because of this virus. And it was especially nice to hear the sound of the wind. It took me back to my childhood and reminded me how much I love this place by the sea. HOME IS HOME!«

24.01.2021 Erika Leo Aussicht